Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Change Is the Only Constant

The title of this post is a quote from one of the T-shirts that I have. I like it because it is so true. Think about it, change is the constant in life. Think of all of the things that surround you, think of all of the people in your life and how different they are day to day. What about the way your body changes each day physically? What about the way your mind changes and your emotions too? Everything is always changing around us so intern the only real thing that is constant is that change.

Now that idea might be a little scary to some. Many of us are always trying to control everything, always trying to find the perfect job or perfect partner. We try to change life to create the perfect body or try to find all the ways to defy aging. But if we try to do all of these things we will miss so many of the great things life has to offer. We get frustrated with all of the imperfections in our "ideal world" when those same "imperfections" make reality so amazing.

As a chiropractor knowing that change is constant does not freak me out, I see it every day with in myself and with in the people I help. The body is amazing and the one thing to balance out change in life and in our bodies is the ability to adapt. Our bodies are designed to adapt to just about anything. When we get cold our body shivers to warm us up. When we need water our bodies create thirst so we drink. When we are stressed out the body will create headaches in order for us to rest. When we cut ourselves the body will send healing agents to create a scab and create fresh new skin to replace the damaged piece.

I could go on and on with tons of examples on how amazing the body is but the main idea is this. The body adapts the best, while life is changing, when its nervous system is working at a normal state. The nervous system integrates all of the changes in life and then decides what the appropriate response is to that change. That is what adaption means. So when the nervous system is clear of any interference the body adapts perfectly. On the flip side, if the nervous system has something disrupting it, the adaption process becomes slower and intern there is a life change in a negative direction.

An easier way to see this is by comparing it to the Internet. They call it the "world wide web" because there are so many lines of communication that branches out from computer to computer creating ability for us to do many amazing things. But what happens when our Internet router goes down? Our connection is interrupted, the Internet is still up in the rest of the world but out communication to it is broken and we won't get the messages sent to nor will we be able to send any messages out.

The same thing happens with in the body when a bone moves out of place due to some great stress causing an interference in the communication of the nervous system with the rest of the body.

Chiropractic Principle: Evidence of Life. The signs of life (assimilation, elimination, growth, reproduction, adaptability) are evidence of the innate intelligence of life.

Change is always constant and the better we can adapt to it the better our lives will be. We can build ourselves up on life's principles or we can destroy it with fighting against them... choose to build.

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