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Possible Treatments for Cervical Spondylosis

Arthritis of the neck or Cervical Spondylosis can be very painful and irritating for those who have it. It hinders you from doing things that you wanted to do. The pain usually blocks your time for laughter and enjoyment. Good News! Most of the treatment for this condition is very old school. You can try doing these immediately.

A variety of medications can be used to eliminate inflammation and pain in the neck caused by cervical spondylosis. You can try taking NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) like naproxen and ibuprofen. These two drugs are commonly used to address neck pain. You can also try using muscle relaxants and acetaminophen. These two drugs can also relieve neck pain along with muscle spasms.

Physical therapists are also one of the vital and effective sources of treatment for cervical spondylosis. Strengthening tense or weakened muscles or stretching it is commonly the initial treatment that is suggested. Your Physical Therapist can also utilize posture therapy and cervical traction. Therapy programs usually last for 5 to 7 weeks but sometimes, the duration may also differ from one case to another. Schedule of therapy sessions is twice or thrice a week.

Wearing a neck collar to restrain motion or movement is also one of the possible treatments. Aside from limiting the movement of your neck, it also provides and serves as a support. It also let your neck muscles rest. Soft collars must be worn and used only for a short period of time. The reason for this is that long-term use can minimize the muscle strength of the neck.

In treating cervical spondylosis, you can also consider using physiotherapy such as hot and cold compress or exercise. Cautious use of massage can aid in alleviating symptoms of the disease.

Some people are having a hard time bearing the pain caused by cervical spondylosis. If this is your condition, you can try having parenteral medications. Steroid-based injections are usually used to relieve the pain although it only provides short-term relief. Your physician can also inject anesthesia to the joints of the spine.

If you really want to treat your condition practically and traditionally, the easiest way is to take a rest. Cervical spondylosis is most commonly caused by stress and different activities involving neck movements. Your body also speaks. Its way of crying is through pain. The moment you feel pain, your body is telling you that you need a rest. Enough rest and sleep can be beneficial. If you hate spending for other treatments, try this. Take a rest now.

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