Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Your Electrical Force

Health is a habit-a bunch of little "bite size pieces" of healthy information-made easy.

It's rush hour on the highway to health, and being sick is something no one has time for. We run ourselves ragged, worry ourselves sick, eat fast food on the run... and wonder why disease is getting worse these days. Our lifestyle is fast-paced and "without support "we often get sidetracked by the latest "crisis" and are left without the energy to regroup and get back on track.

Did you know-Disease can begin with the decline of electrical integrity within the body?? No.. So how do we get energy? Answer is... We get energy from the frequency of our food source. Yes the food we eat contains energy. If we eat "fast Junk food", it contains very little frequency compared to fresh raw vegetables. We use this energy to work, love, play, look good and think. If the cell is thought of as a little engine, converting fuel into ATP -the question arises: Where is this little engine getting it's energy to do it's job? Answer: Electricity... And where does the cell store this electrical charge? Answer: In the cell membrane. All Life is electrical... Why is this important? Our healthy cells operate optimally at a high vibration frequency of around 60 to 80 megahertz, therefore it makes sense that we should ideally consume those foods that naturally have a vibration energy (or 'life force') closest to that of our own cells. Why? Because..At lower frequencies, dis-eases can manifest.

So what about your mind? Have you heard the "energy of your food" becomes your mind? "You can't drink soda pop and expect to have noble thoughts".. said David Wolfe.

The mind and body are always connected and always feeding off of the foods and emotions we consume. There is a fluid and interactive relationship between our mental, physical, and spiritual energies. Emotional traumas have been proven to result in illness.

Trying to keep a healthy body and mind can be a difficult task at times. Sadly, about 80% of the common foods that are the norm in the American diet are not electric.

According to Fritz Frederick Smith, the body compensates for energetic or vibratory loss. When there is energetic deficiency, the body attempts to limit further loss by reducing its function.

So - today I will offer you some "bite size pieces" of information. Add color to your plate, forget about all those whites or beige foods, eat plenty of 'rainbow foods, which contain the electrical energy you're looking for. Food is Art.. Adding colors to your plate will ensure that you ingest all the beneficial enzymes available for your bodily functions, and you can make them Organic too. You can Eat them raw when possible, as there is more energy in raw foods than foods that have been cooked or prepared several days earlier. Forget those "all you can eat" buffets..

By realizing the connection we are speaking of today, and putting it into practice in your life, you can feel better physically, mentally and emotionally in record breaking time. You will never feel like you are giving up your favorite foods. or going hungry, you will feel empowered in your choices, taking an active roll in your wellbeing.

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